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Chapter 3 - Combat[edit]

Experience is gained by fighting and killing monsters. The command to initiate combat is 'kill'. Some monsters will be aggressive. That means that they will initiate combat as soon as you enter the room. When you are exploring new areas it is always a good idea to set your wimpy (See help wimpy) higher than normal, then reset it to the percentage that you deem appropriate once you determine the strength of your opponent. When you've found your victim and begin your attack, watch the damage done. The best ways of doing this are by typing '.' (period) or 'mon' (See help mon). '.' gives you a quick show of your health while 'mon' shows it to you as it changes.

Using wimpy will cause you to run from a battle when your hitpoints drop below the level to which you have wimpy set. You can set the direction in which you run by using 'wimpycmd'. The direction you set must be a valid room exit (for example 'wimpycmd south') and it may not be abbreviated. If your wimpycmd is not set to a valid exit you will still wimpy when your hitpoints reach the preset amount, but you risk wimpying Into aggressive monsters. Many areas are designed specifically for newbies. It is best to stick to the areas detailed in this book until you reach level six (see Chapter 5).

As a newbie, you have access to the 'scry' command. You can visit Erga's Newbie Emporium (See Chapter 7) and receive an orb of scrying to give you a rough idea of how you would fare against your chosen opponent.

After engaging in battle you will need to find a method of healing your hitpoints and spellpoints. Darkwind has several different ways to heal. The cheapest and slowest of which is sitting. While sitting you cannot engage in combat, but you will regen hp faster. Being intoxicated also speeds the rate at which you regen hp and sp. Food gives a one time boost to hp/sp. There are also potions and magical heals available. Some guilds have the powers which heal. As a newbie you will not be able to afford many of the meals and kegs in the player run pubs and inns (See chapter 6). There is a special Inn, provided for newbies only, where you can purchase food and ale (4w,n,e).

As a newbie, you have a few commands to assist you in combat. They are:

  • nheal, which restores a bit of hp.
  • ncot, which will transfer you back to cot.
  • npunch and nkick, which will help you fight against monsters.