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You turn to the Chapter 9:

                           Chapter 9 - Guilds

     Darkwind has an extensive and expanding guild system. Guilds
     represent occupations, and in this case they represent occupations
     useful in an adventuring career.

     All guilds have their perks and drawbacks, and the administration
     tries very hard to ensure that no one guild has a distinct edge over
     any other. So when you are hunting for a guild, find one that is
     right for you, because you won't be able to find the one that is the
     "best." There isn't one. Each guild tries to be fun and unique,
     offering abilities you won't find elsewhere.

     There are no set requirements for joining guilds, other than that
     you must be fifth level. Individual guilds all have their own
     requirements, however, which vary from guild to guild. It would be
     wise for you to find out from a guild member what those requirements
     are before trying to join. These requirements could relate to your
     alignment, your characteristics, or even having a current guild member
     sign you in.

     If you find you have made the wrong choice, you can change guilds. Be
     warned that this has its price:

     If you _really_ don't like your guild, Grimtila the witch (3e,2s,w)
     can remove those ties, but her fee is nearly akin to losing your life.

            There are currently 11 open guilds on Darkwind:
            Bard, Charlatan, Cleric, Fighter, Garou, Mage, Lunar,
            Ninja, Paladin, Psionicist, Swashbuckler, & Thief.

     Type 'checkout <guildname>' for more information.

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