There are numerous domains throughout the land:

  • Ashad
  • Bodachian Fallows
  • Darkwind
  • Dramasa
  • Hyperborea
  • Iglantu
  • Kerei
  • Lerquid
  • Souvrael
  • Virodia
  • Volcano Island

Additionally, there is an underworld and a vibrant sky that connects each of the domains.

In game, you can use the areas command.

Usage: areas <domain>

Returns a list of areas in the domain, with a rough estimate of the level of the player that will be able to handle the area. You should, as always, try the areas yourself to be the final say.

Areas marked with {*} means the npc levels are variable. Variable levels mean they will change in level to match the player level of the first player they encounter. They will not always go lower than the base level of the area. They will also return to their normal level if not fought after a time.