Traits represent a character's proficiency in a subjet. As players interact with the world they may learn new Traits. The level of proficiency is represented from a range of 0 to 1000. Generally, using a skill or compeleting a task that requires a certain trait has a chance to increase that trait. Most traits can be trained up to 750 with this method. The remaining training is typically accomplished via quests or specific achievements. A trait can only be trained up to 5 times the character's level.

There are rumors of secret traits that are hidden throughout DarkWind.

Some examples of traits:

  • Arcane: The ability to recall information about magic and focus your will power into spells. Key to the Mage guild.
  • Professions are specific traits related to collecting and crafting

To see your proficiency in each trait you know, you can use the traits command.