The following are an overview of some mehanics in the world of DarkWind.

  • DarkWind is text-based, meaning that environments, characters, and actions are described in text. Players interact with the game and each other through typed commands.
  • The combat system is "turn-based", with turns lasting about one second.
  • Players can undertake quests or missions, which often involve exploring dungeons, solving puzzles, or completing specific tasks.
  • DarkWind is a social game. Players are encouraged to role-play, though there are no strict requirements to do so.
  • Players can form groups called clans, trade items, and collaborate or compete with each other.


The game world typically persists over time, with a game "reboot" happening roughly every 2 weeks. This allows for server maintenance, new global code updates, resets of once-per-boot areas, etc. When the MUD reboots, all equipment stored in guilds, shops, boats, ... will disappear, as will ponies and similar helpers. Boats will not disappear, nor will money on your character or in the bank.

The uptime command shows how long DarkWind has been up since the last reboot and an estimate of the next scheduled reboot. Unfortunately, sometimes unscheduled reboots are necessary for a variety of reasons.

Other Mechanics