A trigger is defined as using a client or some other program to scan the incoming text from a terminal session and issue a particular command when the text matches a particular user-defined string.

The use of triggers (both directed and automated) is legal provided that at no time is your character left unattended and that they do not activate upon merely walking into a room.

  • Example: Boddy, Dinky, Koffy are in a party. Boddy is the leader and says heal me. Dinky could then have a trigger set up to heal boddy.
  • Example: The use of an assist trigger in a party setting is allowed, provided your character is attended at all times.
  • Example: The use of a burn corpse trigger is allowed, provided it activates ONLY upon your kill. This includes all forms of corpse skills. Eating them, burning them, turning them into scorching piles of ash, etc. If you didn't kill it, don't trigger it.
  • Example: The use of a kill <mob> trigger is allowed, provided it does not attack a mob as soon as you walk into a room, or as soon as a mob spawns. If it does, that is considered botting.

Any trigger (automated or directed) which allows your character to move is illegal. Movement by use of the in-game scripting ability is allowed, however, this does NOT exclude using a script to kill. Please do NOT script kill an entire area. This is considered botting.

This does NOT mean you can trigger the usage of the in-game scripting. Do not trigger (or otherwise) automate movement.

Any trigger (automated or directed) which keeps your character logged into the game, and active, without attendance is prohibited. Do not trigger (or otherwise) automate killing.

Any trigger that is an open variable which allows another player to control your character without you being at your computer is prohibited.

Just don't do it. Sit at the keyboard, have a good time. If you get up, turn everything off. This will make DarkWind enjoyable for everyone.