Some casters work to entwine themselves in the forces of nature, while others instead seek power through devotion to a god. The members of the Mage guild instead know that true magic is simply understanding the fundamental system that binds all things: the Dark Wind. These practicioners, or more commonly known as Magi, exploit this connection to accomplish any number of reality bending feats: from summoning crushing walls of force to creating portals between distant locations.

Though outsiders tend to see the Magi as a secretive lot, in truth, the Guild's members are simply busy with their studies.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Magi and wielding phenominal power, see Merlin directions of COT. The guild requires some knowledge of the Arcane - some of the tomes in the nearby library might be of use.

How To Play A Mage

The main trait

9 HP per point of CON

5 SP per INT, 3 SP per WIS, 2 SP per CHR, and 1 SP per CON

Trait: Arcane

Most Mage spells


With training, some Magi choose to specialize in a particular form of study. This has the benefit of bolstering particular spells, or changing characteristics of their spells. There are rumors that some Magi have dedicated themselves to forces generally considered taboo, such as Necromancy, but guild officials refuse to comment.


The Invoker is the flashiest of dedications. Magi that master this path focus on enhancing their offensive spells, pulling more power into every fireball or ice storm created. They are also more likely to cause lingering status effects on their targets.


Rather than bursts of power, a Binder focuses on longevity. They are able to manipulate their spells, extending the window of their buffs as well as creations like their portals.


First pioneered by the Magi Tyarra and Marsellus, the Surger dedication is sometimes referred to as a Battle Mage because it focuses on enhancing the Mage's body by acting as a conduit for their spellcasting.


This is not a complete inventory of known spells, but an overview of some of the more common in a Magi's collection.

Mana Blast

  • Arcane Needed: 1
  • Syntax: manablast <target>

As a universal first step in every practitioner's journey, manablast taps into the passive energy in an area. Though the results are often crude, the blast can still prove potent.


  • Arcane Needed: 1
  • Syntax: blaze <direction>

Blaze is a spell mostly for show. It's a colorful and neat-o way to leave the room. The process requires channeling energy for a few seconds and then releasing that into a controlled burst, launching yourself. Be warned: those in the area where you land might be momentarily stunned or set ablaze.

Magic Armour

  • Arcane Needed: 50
  • Syntax: marmour

Weave the forces of the Dark Wind around your body, forming an extra layer of protection.