The following are not allowed on DarkWind. Failure to observe these rules will result in punishment. Lack of knowledge of these rules is not an excuse for not following them.

There are rules that apply to players and wizards. Everyone will know what is illegal for all to do. Players are expected not to ask wizards to break wizard rules, and wizards are expected not to break rules that bind players.


Players must obey requests from wizards. If a player feels that a request is out of line, the player should notify a higher level wizard AFTER complying with the request.

Players may not abuse (or use once it's been determined as a bug) any bug. Failing to report a known bug is illegal. If something is "too good to be true", it probably is. Always report it. If found to be intended, then great!

Personal attacks, racial and ethnic slurs, sexual harassment, and other forms of attack will not be tolerated. Threatening other players or wizards with violence will not be tolerated. If someone is ignoring you, do not try to get around it; they're ignoring you for a reason, respect that. The Golden Rule applies here.

No bulletin board (including the PK board and private clan boards) may be used to flame, ridicule or otherwise denigrate other players or wizards. Using them to accuse others of cheating/bug-abuse, or threatening, is also prohited.

PK issues may only be discussed on the PK board, clan boards, and guild boards (where appropriate to the guild).

Any DarkWind forums are considered an extension of the bulletin boards on the MUD.

Having multiple (second, third, etc.) non-registered main characters will not be tolerated. DarkWind does allow for the registration of secondary characters. This is provided as a perk for leveling. See multichars for more info.

Botting is not allowed. This is defined as reating client or server-side scripts that will perform an unlimited number of actions without requiring a live person to be sitting at the keyboard. Use of robots will result in removal of the character. See triggers for information regarding their usage and further clarification. The DarkWind-provided script command is excluded from this rule. However, using a client to string together multiple script commands is still illegal as is using a trigger to activate the script. Do not use anything that keeps your character from idling, e.g., triggers, events, scripts. Automating killing without a live person at the keyboard is also illegal.

"Kill stealing" is not allowed. If someone is actively killing a mob, the mob is 'theirs' as is the equipment/money in the room. If the player leaves the room, it's fair game, though common courtesy would suggest you leave the mob alone. This does also apply to transformed players who are fighting in a room. The items and gold on the ground they are in are not open, just because they can't pick them up. If the player is IDLE, then the items/mobs are fair game.


Wizards may not provide access to their character to any other person.

Wizards may not erase or otherwise edit other wizards' files. The same applies to system files. Access to these files is generally protected, but it's conceivable that some things may be overlooked. If the wizard discovers that they have greater access than they should, it should be reported to an IMP+.

Wizards may not copy another wizard's work without prior consent.

Wizards may not interfere with players in any way. This includes: healing players; providing additional stats, XP, money, levels, alignment, etc. through patching; giving players objects. This is not a comprehensive list by any means. In general: if the character isn't your test character, don't mess with them. The occasional boon or similar global blessing given by an IMP+ is not considered interference.

Wizards may not abuse wizard powers.

Wizards may not disobey higher-up wizards.