DarkWind is an ever-changing text-based multi-player game that is free to play. The World of DarkWind has been under development since 1992 and is developed entirely by volunteer staff.

Come join the friendly player base at DarkWind now. Just click connect to the left or telnet to darkwind.org port 3000. We'll see you soon!

Getting Started

When you complete character creation, you will find yourself in the adventurer's guild. The Center of Town (COT) is north, east (or n, e) from there. COT is the 4-way intersection on the map of Darkwind, and all the directions in this guide start from there.

To begin adventuring you will need equipment. Erga's Newbie Shop (4 west, 1 south) will give you free equipment. At level 2 you will have access to the donation room (5n,e). Here you can get equipment donated by higher level players. Please return it when you are done with it so that the next Newbie will have access to it. Remember to wear and wield all. You can do this with one command by typing equip.

Now that you have equipment you will want to gain experience and gold so that you can gain levels. The Adventurers' Guild (w,s) will give you an idea of how much gold and experience is required for your next level. Keep in mind that levels are only the ability to further increase your stats. So in most cases it is generally best to spend experience on stats until you get the message that says you must increase your level before gaining more stats (See help stats). There are occasions where you might decide to skip stats in order to get to the next level more quickly. Keep in mind when you do this that you have not gained the power of the next level.

When you kill something you will want to get the gold and the loot from the corpse. You can get all from corpse. Or you can burn the corpse with a corpse burner (See Chapter 6) and get all. You can sell the loot in the shop (5w,2s,w). When you leave the game you will want to sell or donate all of your equipment. Coins that you have on hand will save with your character but equipment will not. Guilds have storage rooms to store equipment during the current uptime. Equipment cannot be saved through reboots. You can put your extra coins in the bank (5w,3s,e) for safe keeping and so that you have something to start with if you should die.

Death Happens

It is part of the game. Luckily it isn't permanent. If you should happen to die, you can go to the church (5w,n) and pray. When you die you will lose one from each stat, all of the experience you have on hand and one level. Note that this penalty does not exist if you are level 5 or lower. Until then, praying at the church will restore all of your stats and your level. Some guilds have the ability to raise people from the dead. This saves them some of the stat loss, but not the level or the experience on hand. You can get someone to avenge your death. This is a way to get some experience back (help deathavengement). Don't do this if you are level 5 or below, because Dierdre works every time.

It was nearly 1800 years ago that the dark wind appeared and ravaged our cities, countries, towns and villages. From where this evil came and what the cause was, I regret to say is not known to us, for most of the immortals were still children at the time. Some say it was an evil birthed of the foul arts of Alarian, the great Necromancer, and that he was its first victim, but that is just a legend from the mists of time. Whatever the cause, the effects were obvious. Not even the longest of wars could have killed as swiftly and effortlessly as that unliving wind of malice.

The dark wind has come and gone several times during my life, during the life of the city, and during the rebuilding. Not even Mitra, Gaea and Set could fully stop the destruction. But the first occurrence of the wind was the worst by far. We shall start our history at that time, for history of the time before the coming is lost, just as the lives and cities were lost. The races of Darkwind were thrown into confusion, and the blancmanges, who had been decimated by the wind, were pushed to the brink of extinction by the resulting race wars.

The race wars were bloody affairs. The ogres, orcs and trolls banded together, and with their combined raw strength launched raids and besieged the elves, gnomes and dwarves as they attempted to rebuild. The humans fell victim to massive infighting. The faerie and the halflings managed to escape most of the bloodshed, however they found themselves unable to do much rebuilding of their shattered culture.

The death and barrenness caused by the dark wind caught the eye of three gods: Gaea, the earth mother; Mitra, the goddess of goodness; and Set, the god of chaos. Gaea set about to restore the land, the plants, and the animals. Mitra and Set, however, made themselves known to the inhabitants of Darkwind. Gaea worked so very hard at rebuilding life. Mitra and Set, however, attempted to lead the people to a better life. Co- existence between the factions, the races, and families was not to be at this time. The religious wars that followed were unfortunate, and only served to dilute the population even more.

No one but the gods know what happened to change things. 24 years after the cleansing by the dark wind, representatives from the different races met at the bay where Darkwind City now stands. Many say that Gaea herself came to the representatives and entranced them, giving them power from her own body, as well as power from both Set and Mitra. Thus she bestowed upon them immortality; the ability to command flesh, stone, air, water, and spirit, and the determination to create a better life.

With the immortals in place, she forbade Set and Mitra from taking a direct hand in the world, allowing them to only work through the priests and the immortals. The age of immortals had begun. The first act was the creation of a city on the very ground where they were given their power. And the city was called Darkwind, and it was open to one and all.

The races of Darkwind thrived, and explored the surrounding countryside and the oceans. The immortals created many things, guided by Mitra, Set and Gaea.


There are numerous domains throughout the land:

  • Ashad
  • Bodachian Fallows
  • Darkwind
  • Dramasa
  • Hyperborea
  • Iglantu
  • Kerei
  • Lerquid
  • Souvrael
  • Virodia
  • Volcano Island

Additionally, there is an underworld and a vibrant sky that connects each of the domains.

In game, you can use the areas command.

Usage: areas <domain>

Returns a list of areas in the domain, with a rough estimate of the level of the player that will be able to handle the area. You should, as always, try the areas yourself to be the final say.

Areas marked with {*} means the npc levels are variable. Variable levels mean they will change in level to match the player level of the first player they encounter. They will not always go lower than the base level of the area. They will also return to their normal level if not fought after a time.

Level Designation

 │      Domain       │                         Level Range                          │
 ├───────────────────┤0────25────50────75───100───125───150───175───200───225───250 │
 │          DarkWind │ -----------|                                                 │
 │        Hyperborea │            |-----------------|                               │
 │          Lerquird │            |-----------------|                               │
 │             Kerei │                        |-----------------|                   │
 │           Virodia │                        |-----------------|                   │
 │             Ashad │                              |-----------------|             │
 │        Underworld │                              |-----------------|             │
 │          Souvrael │                                   |------------------|       │
 │           Dramasa │                                   |------------------|       │
 │ Bodachian Fallows │                                          |------------------ │
 │           Iglantu │                                          |------------------ │
 │             Moons │                                                |------------ │
 │    Volcano Island │ ---???---???---???---???---???---???---???---???---???---??? │

Darkwind Area Directions

All directions are from the Center of Town (CoT) in DarkWind City.

All entries are in the form of:

Area Description
  - Level Ranges
  - Directions
  - Notes, if needed

An old farm

  • 1-5
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 3:n, 2:e, n

The newbie meadow

  • 1-5
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 2:e, n

The forest in Darkwind

  • 1-5
  • 6:w, exit, w, 6:s, sw

The Church of Mitra in Darkwind City

  • 1-5
  • 5:w, 2:n
  • this requires a key

The Property of Ezekiel Milquetoast

  • 1-9 only
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 3:w, n

The Haunted Keep

  • 1-10
  • 5:s, exit, 11:s, w

A demon infested forest

  • 1-10
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 2:ne, nw, n

The sewers under Darkwind City

  • 1-15
  • 2:w, s, d, down

The Realm of Ashkenazy

  • 1-25
  • 5:s, exit, s, 4:w

The Four Dragon Temple

  • 1-45
  • 2:w, s, down, e, 2:n, w, 4:n

The Haxton Province

  • 1-50
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, w, s, w, enter

The Faerie Mound

  • 1-50
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, s, portal, s

The realm of Qazaash

  • 1-90
  • 5:s, exit, 5:s, e
  • use your consider abilities

The Four Dragon Shrine

  • 2+
  • 5:s, exit, 8:s, 3:e, n

Endive's Garden

  • 3-80
  • 6:n, exit, 3:e, n

The pirate ship Albion

  • 3+
  • 5:e, 4:n, climb rope

A valley near the Hermit's house

  • 3-30
  • 6:w, exit 2:w, n

The hillside near the Hermit's house

  • 3-30
  • 6:w, exit, 2:w, 4:n

A valley road

  • 5-10
  • 5:s, exit, 8:s, 15:e, 4:s, 4:e, 2:s

A ditch near the castle

  • 5-15
  • 5:s, exit, 8:s, 15:e, 4:s, 4:e, 3:s, e

The village of Glavia

  • 5-25
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne

The castle of Glavia

  • 5-30
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, 10:n

The Bandit Fortress

  • 5-35
  • 6:w, exit, 3:w, n

DarkWind City Orphanage

  • 8-12
  • 4:n, 3:w, n

A dismal swamp in Glavia

  • 10+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, n, 6:e, 2:se, e, 3:s

The Ant Hive

  • 10+
  • 5:s, exit, 15:s, sw, s, hole

The Azure Forest

  • 10+
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 3:w, pool, enter, n

The skeleton caves

  • 10+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 13:n

A clearing near the castle

  • 10-15
  • 5:s, exit, 8:s, 15:e, 4:s, 4:e, 3:s, w

A small elven village

  • 10-25
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 6:n, climb, up, n, 3:e, 4:n, 4:e, 2:s, 2:e, n, w

The northwestern mountain range

  • 10-25
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 6:n, climb, up, n

A monestary in Glavia

  • 15+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, n, 4:w, 2:n

The Forest of Terror

  • 15+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 6:n, climb, up, n, e, n, n, n, n, 5:e, 3:n, nw, n, 3:w, 3:n, d

A small corner of Hell

  • 15+
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 5:, ne, e, enter, door1, kiss ananda

Pirate Town

  • 15+
  • 6:n, exit, 10:n

The town of Stoker

  • 15+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w , 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, w, up

The forest near Stoker

  • 15+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w , 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, w, up ,n, 2:w, nw, 7:w

The tunnel between DarkWind and Hyperborea

  • 15+
  • 6:n, exit, 9:n, nw

The Valley of Winter

  • 15-25
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, s, portal, 3:s, 2:w, u, 3:w, n

The realm of Hades

  • 15-30
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 2:e

A country farm in the Faerie Mound

  • 15-50
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, s, portal, s, w

The caverns under the Faerie Mound

  • 15-50
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, s, portal, s, hole

The Abbey of Saint Dominic

  • 20+
  • 5:s, exit, 19:s, 2:e, ne, se, e

The Convent of the Holy Sisterhood of St. Lyra

  • 20+
  • 5:s, exit, 19:s, e, 2:s

The path to the Underworld

  • 20+
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 2:e, 4:s

A mercenary camp in Glavia

  • 20+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 3:ne, e

A mountain in Glavia

  • 20+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, 12:n, w, 6:n, 2:nw, 3:n, 2:w, n

The Orange Hill

  • 20+
  • 6:n, exit, 8:n, 3:w, pool, enter, 2:w, nw, n

The Shrine to Eamonn the Ebullient

  • 20+
  • 6:n , exit, 8:n, 3:w, pool, enter, 2:w

The ancient forest of Syldenith

  • 20+
  • 6:w, exit, 6:w

The forest of the Fianna

  • 20+
  • 5:s, exit, 10:s, e

The forest of the Endrael

  • 20+
  • 6:w, exit, 8:w, nw

The Faerie Queen's Garden

  • 20-50
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, s, portal, 3:s, e, 3:s, 2:e, pool, w

The settlement of Canith

  • 20-60
  • 5:s, exit, 19:s, sw

The Master's Mansion

  • 20-70
  • 6:n, exit, 5:n, w, knock door
  • level is set per boot cycle

The Gypsy encampment

  • 25+
  • 6:w, exit, 5:w, 3:s, 2:w

The Pirate Cave

  • 25+
  • 6:n, exit, 12:n, 2:e, s, 2:e, climb wall, ne, e, climb into grave

The tunnels near the forest of Syldenith

  • 25+
  • 6:w, exit, 8:w, 3:sw, 3:s
  • this requires a key

The Gamewarden's home

  • 30+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, e, 3:n, e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, 5:n, 2:w, enter

The Realm of Araakas

  • 35-50
  • 5:s, exit, 6:s, w

An Orky settlement

  • 50+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 5:n, 4:w

Beneath the roots

  • 50+
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 5:n, 2:e, n, e, n, 5:e, 5:ne, n, 6:e, 2:se, e, 2:s, enter space

The ancient city of Sheritym

  • 65-75
  • 6:w, exit, 4:w, 2:n, 6:w, sw, 2:w, n, w, n


A player's statistics (or "stats") are measures of advanced a player is in certain aspects of his development. There are currently six stats that you can raise on Darkwind.


Strength is a measure of how muscular a person is. High strength allows a character to lift heavier objects, and carry more weight while adventuring. All things being equal, strong characters will find their packs less encumbering than weaker ones. Strength is also very important in combat, influencing how much power a character is able to put into each swing. Naturally, a stronger character will be able to do more damage with each swing than a weaker one.


Constitution is a measure of physical toughness and stamina. High constitution allows a player to perform strenuous tasks for a longer time. It increases the amount of hit points the player has, and therefore increases the amount of damage that can be taken before needing to rest or heal.


Dexterity encompasses a number of physical attributes including hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, balance, precision, and speed of movement. Dexterity affects a character's accuracy with missile weapons (darts, arrows, cats, etc.) and in the ability to swing weapons at moving targets. Dexterity is also important for dodging attacks. Dexterity is particularly important for roguish guilds which rely on quick reflexes and the manipulation of small objects.


Intelligence is similar to what is currently known as intelligence quotient, but also includes mnemonic ability, reasoning, and learning ability outside those measured by any written test. In melee combat, more intelligent characters are able to better use their equipment, and discern their enemies' weaknesses, leading to greater success at hitting their enemies, and also in deflecting incoming blows using their armor. Intelligence is essential for guilds that make heavy use of mental powers to manipulate the world directly, or indirectly through arcane spells.


Wisdom is both a measure of a character's common sense, and also of his general awareness of the world around him. Wisdom is important for all characters since awareness of one's immediate situation is essential for survival. The use of priestly powers is often heavily influenced by wisdom since the character must tap into his awareness of a divine source. Wisdom is especially important in the heat of combat, where the wrong choice can lead to a hasty demise. A wise character can often see a battle unfolding and where an enemy's next strike may land. Wisdom is also important in using armor more effectively to deflect the blows that do land.


Charisma is a measure of force of personality. It measures how well a character is able to influence others by word or action. A charismatic character is more likely to be listened to, respected, and trusted by others. If you have a high charisma, the shopkeepers might give you some extra gold just because they like you. Charisma is useful for guilds that require some subtlety in their dealings, or who seek to guide people along a particular path.

Stat Raises

Upon entering DarkWind, players will have 1 in each of the 6 stats. Characters start with 10 stat raises and can allocate them as they see fit. Starting out, you may want to split those raises across different stats, making sure to include some CON, STR, and DEX. You may not raise a stat higher than three times your level (e.g., at level 1, you could have 5 different stats at a base of 3 and 1 stat at a base of 1, or 4 stats at 3, and 2 stats at 2). The base value for a stat can be raised to a maximum of 300.

Each level grants a player 5 additional stat raises. Every 10 levels (e.g., levels 10, 20, 30) players are granted 10 additional stat raises, for a total of 15.

Each of the level ranks mentioned in Leveling grants an additional 10, for a total of 25 stat raises at levels 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250. This is a total of 1555 stat raises for a maximum level player.

Bonuses and Negatives

Different Races can provide bonuses and penalties to different stats. Additionally, abilities, equipment, and other sources can all affect the total of a stat.


The guilds of DarkWind are generally organizations that provide a framework for individuals to come together than practice, train, and improve themselves.

The current guilds include:






Some casters work to entwine themselves in the forces of nature, while others instead seek power through devotion to a god. The members of the Mage guild instead know that true magic is simply understanding the fundamental system that binds all things: the Dark Wind. These practicioners, or more commonly known as Magi, exploit this connection to accomplish any number of reality bending feats: from summoning crushing walls of force to creating portals between distant locations.

Though outsiders tend to see the Magi as a secretive lot, in truth, the Guild's members are simply busy with their studies.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Magi and wielding phenominal power, see Merlin directions of COT. The guild requires some knowledge of the Arcane - some of the tomes in the nearby library might be of use.

How To Play A Mage

The main trait

9 HP per point of CON

5 SP per INT, 3 SP per WIS, 2 SP per CHR, and 1 SP per CON

Trait: Arcane

Most Mage spells


With training, some Magi choose to specialize in a particular form of study. This has the benefit of bolstering particular spells, or changing characteristics of their spells. There are rumors that some Magi have dedicated themselves to forces generally considered taboo, such as Necromancy, but guild officials refuse to comment.


The Invoker is the flashiest of dedications. Magi that master this path focus on enhancing their offensive spells, pulling more power into every fireball or ice storm created. They are also more likely to cause lingering status effects on their targets.


Rather than bursts of power, a Binder focuses on longevity. They are able to manipulate their spells, extending the window of their buffs as well as creations like their portals.


First pioneered by the Magi Tyarra and Marsellus, the Surger dedication is sometimes referred to as a Battle Mage because it focuses on enhancing the Mage's body by acting as a conduit for their spellcasting.


This is not a complete inventory of known spells, but an overview of some of the more common in a Magi's collection.

Mana Blast

  • Arcane Needed: 1
  • Syntax: manablast <target>

As a universal first step in every practitioner's journey, manablast taps into the passive energy in an area. Though the results are often crude, the blast can still prove potent.


  • Arcane Needed: 1
  • Syntax: blaze <direction>

Blaze is a spell mostly for show. It's a colorful and neat-o way to leave the room. The process requires channeling energy for a few seconds and then releasing that into a controlled burst, launching yourself. Be warned: those in the area where you land might be momentarily stunned or set ablaze.

Magic Armour

  • Arcane Needed: 50
  • Syntax: marmour

Weave the forces of the Dark Wind around your body, forming an extra layer of protection.



Traits represent a character's proficiency in a subjet. As players interact with the world they may learn new Traits. The level of proficiency is represented from a range of 0 to 1000. Generally, using a skill or compeleting a task that requires a certain trait has a chance to increase that trait. Most traits can be trained up to 750 with this method. The remaining training is typically accomplished via quests or specific achievements. A trait can only be trained up to 5 times the character's level.

There are rumors of secret traits that are hidden throughout DarkWind.

Some examples of traits:

  • Arcane: The ability to recall information about magic and focus your will power into spells. Key to the Mage guild.
  • Professions are specific traits related to collecting and crafting

To see your proficiency in each trait you know, you can use the traits command.


There are a subset of traits that are available to all players immediately and are core to the professions system.

DarkWind currently has eight professions. Seven are split into two main groups - gathering and manufacturing. The gathering professions are herbalism, mining, and skinning. The manufacturing professions are alchemy, leatherworking, smithing, and tailoring. The gathering professions gather resources from the game environment. The manufacturing professions use the resources from the gathering professions, along with reagents dropped from npc kills to manufacture goods. You can buy profession tools from the profession building in town.

Note: not all reagent drops from npcs will show in your reagents list.

  • Herbalism allows you to 'gather herbs' across the world. Their main purpose will be for use in alchemy potions.
  • Mining allows you to 'mine ore' in various terrains around the world. The ores you mine would be used mostly for smithing, with some used in the other manufacturing professions.
  • Skinning allows you to 'skin corpse' and retrieve their hides. The hides would be used mostly for leatherworking.
  • Alchemy is used to create potions. The potions could have various uses, from stat enhancement to healing.
  • Leatherworking allows you to create leather goods. Most of those goods would be in the form of leather armour, but other goods such as bags would be included.
  • Smithing allows you to create armour from the various metals.
  • Tailoring allows you to create clothing and padded armour. Cloth bags, bandages, and poultices would also be included.
  • Fishing is a stand-alone profession that allows you to take a break and relax, fishing up meals you can use later in your adventures.

To see your skills in each profession, you can use the professions command. These are also displayed under traits. To see your reagents, you can use the reagents command.

Note: Most transformed forms do not need the profession tools.


Sigils are (generally) passive gameplay enhancements granted by equipment or abilities. They may have 1 or more ranks that provide different effects.

To show the current level of any Sigils affecting you and the corresponding source (equipment or otherwise), use the sigils command.

Here are some Sigils you might encounter on various armor:


RuthlessDeal additional combat damage to enemies based on their missing health
Critical StrikeIncrease chance for hits to be critical hits
EvadeIncrease chance to evade hits


DarkWind introduces some feaures based on your player level. These thresholds and some of their benefits are described below.


Players are considered new until their 6th level, though most guilds will allow membership at level 5.


To earn the title of Champion, you must attain level 50. Players that have reached this status will have [CHMP] in place of their level on the who list.

Several advantages are given to those who attain hero status. Along with the prestige of being a recognised Champion is the ability to change their title at will with the ltitle command.

Additionally, your account will be granted a multicharacter slot upon your first character reaching Champion.


The rank of Hero requires level 100.

Upon reaching level 100, the cooldown for using Cinis to teleport is reduced to 25 minutes. Players that have reached this status will have [HERO] in place of their level on the who list.


The Legend title requires level 150. You will have [LGND] in place of your level on the who list.

The benefit to reaching LEGEND is the ability to turn combatbrief damage on.


The rank of Epic requires level 200. Players will have [EPIC] in place of their level on the who list.

Players of this rank can remotely buy items on the market without physically being in a market room.


The rank of Mythic requires level 250. Players will have [MYTH] in place of their level on the who list.

As the highest player-attainable level, Mythic is a requirement for some late game content, like particular quests or dungeons.

Additionally, Mythic players can seek out a Shrine of Creation. These shrines are key to how the Remort system works.


On Darkwind, we give players the option to newbify their characters should they choose to do so. This entails 'killing' them down to level 1, reducing all stats down to starting values, and resetting a couple other things the character has learned throughout their life. It's merely a quick way for you to start somewhat over, but not quite from scratch.

You will need to find someone to help you accomplish this dasterdly deed though. If you ask around you can probably find such a person willing to help you 'see the light' a little early.

NOTE: Attempting to newbify yourself by repeatedly killing yourself off is against the spirit of the game and is punishable by the Gods of Darkwind.

Real Life Talk: If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out to someone. Depression lies.

If you are in the USA, Call 1-800-273-8255 If you are in the UK, Call 116 123 If you are in Australia, Call 13 11 14 If you are in the Netherlands/nu hulp nodig? Call 0900-0113

Or send a tell, shout, gossip, etc to anyone online.

Remort System

Upon reaching Mythic status, players can seek out a Shrine of Creation. These shrines allow a character to gain a game changing boon, but resets their level.

Some key mechanics of the Remort system:

  • Character is reset to level 1
  • XP on hand is lost
  • Character retains any gold, ownership (such as boats), and trait progress
  • This process can be repeated upon reaching Mythic again
  • Each Remort will increase the experience cost for leveling by 50% to 100%
  • Shrines will generally grant meta stats that persist through Remort and/or access to Classes

Most shrines are hidden away and require searching to find. The Esper shrine can be found in DarkWind city and resembles the diadem that members of the Psionic Order wear.


Classes in DarkWind are powerful alterations to characters available through the Remort system. They often include mechanics that warp and change playstyles drastically. With great effort, a character can take on the powers of multiple classes.

The current classes available include:

  • Artificer
  • Dragon
  • Morpher
  • Psionicist