The humans that live around Darkwind City are collectively known as Darkwinders. Darkwinders are about average among the civilized clades in terms of physical and mental powers, but are well accepted by most other cultures due to the importance of the city in world affairs. Darkwinders are outgoing and adventurous, always seeking out new experiences. They are also expert traders and negotiators. Being adventurous in nature, Darkwinder souls are more inclined to take on other forms. Thus, they do not suffer from reincarnating into other clades.


  • Slight increased experience gain
  • Bonus to CHR


The Thundari are an offshoot of modern human society that settled south of Darkwind City in a settlement known as Canith. Their rugged lifestyle tends towards the development of stronger, healthier bodies than most humans. Canith society values order, and pursuit of the common good. Thundari are generally friendly to strangers and always eager to learn about exotic people and places.


  • Increased experience gain
  • Natural tendency towards good alignment
  • Bonus to CHR, CON, and STR


The Celestariel claim their lineage is tied ito ethereal beings from the moon Markas. This same lineage provides the source of the High Elves of DarkWind. Celestariels possess keen senses. They are generally somewhat fragile and lack the robustness of other clades, but leverage their keen senses and diplomati nature to maintain peace where possible.


  • Slightly enhanced vision
  • Natural tendency towards good alignment
  • Bonus to CHR, DEX, INT, WIS
  • Penalty to CON
  • Resistance to Light damage


Skiftlings are a whimsical and sprightly clade known for their insatiable curiosity and boundless enthusiasm for adventure. They are nimble, agile, and have a unique charm that endears them to others, despite their penchant for mischief and light-hearted pranks. Their society is less structured, emphasizing freedom and personal exploration over rigid norms. Skiftlings are inherently good-natured, often seen as the life of any gathering with their stories of far-off lands and tales of daring escapades. Despite their size, they are surprisingly resilient and quick-witted, making them elusive and hard to catch.


  • Greatly enhanced vision
  • Smaller size
  • +10% STR
  • +25% DEX
  • -30% WIS
  • Innate resistance to psionics
  • Weak against Evil damage


The Shel-zaranites are an ancient offshoot of the Celestariels. They live deep underground. In their secluded city, they worship forgotten gods of evil and chaos. Shel-zaranite are quite agile and mentally superior to most clades, but are often sickly and lack constitution. As a clade native to the underground, they are well adapted to lightless conditions.


  • Greatly enhanced vision
  • Natural tendency towards evil alignment
  • Bonus to DEX, INT, WIS
  • Penalty to CON
  • Vulnerability to Light damage